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SQL Server Licensing Resources

By Steve Jones,

Licensing and Pricing Resources for SQL Server


As I work with a particular topic or problem, I often research on the Internet different opinions, white papers, etc. Here is a list of resources that are located both on SQL Server Central and other sites that I have found useful.

Online Resources - General

SQL Server 2000 Pricing and Licensing Which license do you need? Download this .doc.
Active / Passive Licensing An explanation of the licensing for the passive node of a cluster.
Multiple Instances Licensing You need separate licenses for each instance for Standard editions. Enterprise can have as many as you want.
Multi Tiered Architecture Licensing You still have to adhere to the CAL/Per processer licensing for n-tier'ed architectures.
Personal Edition Licensing There is not separate product here. This is included if you buy the server (Enterprise or Standard) and have a CAL.
MSDE Licensing Read this if you use MSDE. Some funny licensing.
SQL Server CE Edition Need a CAL for developers. Can redistribute license free.
How to Buy How to buy SQL Server 2000 along with some licensing options.
Trial Software Shows where and how to get trial software.
System Requirements A list of requirements for SQL 2000 editions.
Microsoft Licensing The Microsoft site devoted to licensing of their software and a good place for information that you may have about terms of a license.


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Steve Jones
© March 2002
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