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Big Data Jobs

By Steve Jones,

If I asked you to give me five industries where Big Data jobs are likely to be growing, what would you say? Everyone's data is growing, but a few places may grow faster than others. One survey lists banking, retail, pharmaceuticals, government, and insurance as the top growth areas, which makes sense. Despite the slowdowns in the worldwide economies, retailers and banks have improved their systems to gather more and more data. There's no shortage of government growth with regards to the data being collected, and the drug companies see more data analysis as the way to reduce the costs of introducing new drugs.

What if I asked you to pick the places in North America where there will be lots of new Big Data jobs? According to the same report these cities lead the way with job openings: San Francisco, CA, Maclean, VA, Boston, MA, St Louis, MO, and Toronto in Canada. These are all areas with large concentrations of organizations from the industries with the most Big Data jobs. 

I'm not surprised at the list, though there are plenty of other places that are likely just below these five in terms of jobs. I wouldn't look to move to any of these places just for the Big Data job, but if you are looking to work in this field, you might think about checking out various recruiters and contracting companies' sites to see where there are lots of jobs.

As slow as the worldwide economies seem to be moving these days, our fields of technology and data seem to be growing, with plenty of companies looking to improve their systems and tackle new initiatives that might improve their ability to take advantage of the all the data they store. There are lots of jobs out there, and with some work you might find one is a great fit for you.

Steve Jones

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