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Create Your Own Intense Interview

By Steve Jones,

Are you unhappy in your job? Do you work too many hours? Is the work environment causing you stress or unhappiness? In all of those situations, I counsel people to look for another job. Make a plan to move on to another position, or even another career field or industry. It can be hard, it can be a struggle, it can take time but we work to live, not the other way around.

It always amazes me how quickly people settle for jobs, choosing the first position they can possibly get, regardless of the potential pitfalls or even known problems with the position. I know many people have bills and obligations, but you will spend a lot of your life in a job. Doesn't it make sense to try and find a job that you enjoy, or fulfills you in some way. Or at least a job you enjoy going to most days?

It's hard to find a new job. It's hard for companies to find employees that will fit into the organization and stay a long time. I'd think that most of us on either side of the interview table would want to be sure that we are entering into a good relationship. Companies ask lots of questions to try and learn about the candidate; candidates should do the same thing. Create an intense interview, one where you probe the company as hard as they probe you to determine the shape, scope, and size of the position. You don't need to be adversarial to do this, but be thorough and do not be afraid to ask questions.

I heard from a friend recently that went on an interview, and had done some research beforehand. This person jotted thoughts and questions in a notebook, took it to the interview, and made notes as the session progressed. I had never done that, but it makes sense, and I think I'd do that in the future.

I do not treat interviews as some contest I have to win by impressing people. It's a mutual meeting to determine if we want to do business together, and that mindset has served me well over the years.

Steve Jones

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