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Was This Week A Good Week?

By Andy Warren,

Today we have a guest editorial from Andy Warren as Steve is on vacation. 

I was chatting with a friend recently and he mentioned that he had had a “good week”. One of those weeks where things went well, a sense of contentment at the end, of a weekend earned and deserved. Always good to hear of course, but it made me think – did I have a good week?

I don’t expect every week to be good, and I don’t expect to have many bad weeks. That doesn’t indicate boredom, lack of satisfaction, or anything else – just a perspective that most weeks will be middle of the road doing the work kind of weeks. Is that an unfair standard? Should I look for ways to have more good weeks?

It’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about what makes a good week. For me, it’s a good week if I hit a milestone or figure out a really tough problem. I’m not sure I like that standard because not every week has the possibility of a milestone or a tough problem. I’m also not sure that I’ve captured the intangibles and I know they matter. I’ll be thinking about it for the next few Fridays, trying to learn something about how I see the world.

What constitutes a good week for you? What percentage of good weeks do you expect to have? And do you work to have a good week, or does the work define it for you? Let’s talk about it in the attached discussion area; I’m looking forward to learning about a lot of different points of view!

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