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Where Do You Park?

By Andy Warren,

Today we have a guest editorial from Andy Warren.

For those of you that drive to work each day I bet you’re a lot like me, you park in the same place or as close to as you can. I’ll even go a bit further and bet that if you pull in to work and someone is in ‘your place’ that you mumble something and look for a spot close by.

For my current assignment I’ve taken to parking near two crape myrtles out on the edge of the parking lot. It’s not shaded, but it’s on a straight line from the door to the building which is handy when it’s raining, and when I started it seemed to be a spot no one else was using.

Before that at my office I parked under a terrific oak tree that had a root grown up through the asphalt, I knew to stop right after the tire rolled over it. At another job I parked about half way out on a big parking lot under a tree that would give some afternoon shade, two or three of vied for it each day. Actually twice a day, it was whoever arrived at work first and then whoever returned from lunch first!

Once I had an assigned and covered parking spot, a perk of the job. It was ok I guess, but really I liked parking out in the main lot, a good reminder that I wasn’t all that special – especially on rainy and cold days. Then I got hit with reverse spin, others with covered parking took it as an implied insult that I didn’t want to use my space.

I like a good discussion, so I’m hoping you’ll join in by answering one of a couple questions. One is why do you park where you do, what made it a good spot? The other is do you know anyone that consistently parks in a random spot, and if so, would you have guessed that from their office behavior?

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