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Developers, developers, developers

By Steve Jones,

StackOverflow ran a survey for their members in 2013 and released some results recently. The results are on their blog, along with some observations about the data. While most of this audience aren't in the development space, some may be, and the impacts of the results could certainly affect our careers. 

Most developers and applications aren't getting much accomplished without data, and whether they use SQL Server, another RDBMS, a NoSQL platform, or a dumb data store, chances are we can help them. Chances are also that if they make a poor decision, we'll be dealing with the mess in some way.

The observations note that mobile is still growing, and I believe that. I still think the mobile market will dwarf the PC explosion we've seen the last 20 years, and that means we should be preparing and understanding how to deal with data from mobile devices, think about scaling to meet lots of small, quick calls for data from a device. 

I also like the fact that more people are working remotely. If they let developers work remotely, that's a good step towards DBAs becoming remote as well. As someone that has worked from home for over a decade, I appreciate the challenges, but I still can't help but thing my productivity is much higher than it ever was in an office.

It's also nice that the second most popular language (in use) is SQL. Not necessarily T-SQL, as I'm sure various other platforms are developed on, but it does show that SQL is very important, even to developers. Perhaps the next time a developer is struggling with SQL, you can refer them to this survey and then see if you can help them improve their query skills.

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