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By Steve Jones,

"From the beginning to the end, losers lose, winners win" - 50 Cent

It's not always true, and there are no guarantees, but it is clear that those who put effort into improving themselves, often find more opportunities and the chance to succeed.  The definition of success may vary among all of us, but I would guess that succeeding for most of us has something to do with accomplishing more in some endeavor. Whether that's getting more work finished, or improving the quality of our craftsmanship, it's a movement forward. It's winning.

"Winners train, losers complain" - Brian Kelley

I was reminded that not everyone looks at the world as a war, or as a zero sum game. There are lots of people that view the world as an environment where we can each improve, and help each other do better than we might on our own. However we must work on our own. We must take the responsibility to do something, not just talk about it, and not wait passively by as life passes us by. We also can't just complain about our jobs, about the demands we face, the compensation that's lacking, or anything else.

This industry gives us the opportunities to change positions, learn new skills, and grow our compensation faster than many other fields. However it's up to us to make the effort, stop making excuses, and start getting things done.

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