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Capture Linux Drive Space data with Powershell

By Michael D'Spain ,

I work in an environment that is half SQL Server and half Postgres, around 1400 servers total.  I wanted to find a way to capture drive space info on my Postgres database servers.   I am connecting to the Linux servers via POSH-SSH module.  Info regarding this module can be found at http://www.powershellmagazine.com/2014/07/03/posh-ssh-open-source-ssh-powershell-module/ .  This script is scheduled to run from the SQL Agent using a Proxy Account with my credentials so it can use the POSH-SSH module.    
This process captures drive space info.  The data comes in as an array.  I then break up the array with the split function and insert each element into a table in my Repository server.  From there you can do whatever you want with the data.  Also included is error handling that logs any errors that might occur during the process.  
All the best,
Michael D'Spain

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