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Format numeric values to language specific format

By thomas,

SQL Server returns numeric values always in a internal format. The conversion of numeric values
into a language specific format is usually part of the client. With this User Defined Function, you can do this
on your backend. The function expects 3 parameters: The numeric value, the requested language
and the number of decimals (will be rounded!). All parameters are described in more detail within
the function comment (header). Here're some calling examples:

SELECT dbo.fn_ConvertNumber(1500.555, 1031, 2) AS Example = 1.500,56    -- German
SELECT dbo.fn_ConvertNumber(1500.555, 2057, 2) AS Example = 1,500.56    -- Brit. English/American
SELECT dbo.fn_ConvertNumber(1500.555, 1036, 2) AS Example = 1 500,56    -- Spain, France

Please apologize my english, i'm not native speaker.

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