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Monitoring SQL Server downtime

By Yul Wasserman,

The following script creates a monitoring utility to find out for how long a sql server was down prior to the latest startup.
The script creates one table (tblHeartbeat), four stored procedures (uspFillHeartBeat, uspGetDowntimeSummary, uspCleanHeartbeat, uspAtStartup) and two jobs (FillHeartbeat and CleanHeartbeat).
1. By convention I introduced in my company (UGO Networks, Inc.) all "service" database objects except uspAtStartup
are created in a dedicated database called DBAservice.
2. uspAtStartup is created in master database. It must be in master in order to set up the startup option.
Note that user name "DBA" and email address "dba@your_company.com" in the text of uspAtStartup
are to be substituted with real ones.
3. The "create job" section of the script is provided just for "completeness of the picture" and can be omitted as trivial. This task can be accomplished in Enterprise Manager.
The jobs FillHeartBeat (runs once a minute in my environment) executes uspFillHeartBeat,
and the job CleanHeartbeat (runs once a week in my environment) executes uspCleanHeartbeat.

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