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Slice out string from within specified delimiters

By anonuser,

Scalar function 'f_delimited' slices out of a passed-in string, from a specified position inside the string, that segment of it which is delimited on one or both sides by a specified delimiter.

Example:  Print out a segment of a 'syscomments.text' column for a stored procedure 'p_proc', representing a line of code (i.e., the segment of 'syscomments.text' between carriage returns) containing the string '@retc'.

Given:  @line_of_code VARCHAR (200), @pos INT, @delim CHAR (1)

SELECT @delim        = CHAR (13) -- carriage return
     , @pos          = CHARINDEX ('@retc', text)
     , @line_of_code = dbo.f_delimited
                         (@f_string = text
                        , @f_delim  = @delim
                        , @f_pos    = @pos)
FROM syscomments
WHERE id    = OBJECT_ID ('p_proc')
  AND colid = 1

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