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Salaries in 2013

By Steve Jones,

Salaries are looking good, at least in software development in the US. Windows IT Pro released a report (PDF) that came from over a half million surveys that were completed in late 2012. You can read the report, but the highlights were that more people were satisfied with their jobs (nearly 60%) with two thirds of the respondents saying their received a raise with about half getting bonuses. The downsides were that salaries and bonuses had trended downward from the last 4 years, which shows that economic conditions in IT are not as great as we might like.

I found the survey on Trainsignal's blog, which isn't surprising given one other highlight. Eighter percent of respondents said that training in 2012 was a positive investment for themselves and their company. Ninety percent of those people said they learned new skills that could be used in their job. That's a great point, and one that I think is worth emphasizing to your management. Budgets are tight, and companies can be reluctant to invest in training, but surveys like this can help convince them the investment is worthwhile.

However I wouldn't just expect my company to train me. Many of you reading this don't, since you are a member of SQLServerCentral and are trying to learn more about your field. I'd point out those investments, and include any monetary or time investments you make on your own. If you attend events, buy books, practice at home, showcase those to your management and task that they make some investment in you as well. 

Everything is negotiable, and if they are worried you might take the training and leave, ask for an agreement that you will remain with the company for xx months for $yy spent on training. It's a good trade, and if you get a great offer to leave, pay back the company and call it an investment in your career.

I think technology is still one of the best fields to be in for working conditions and compensation, if you enjoy the work. However you to succeed and enjoy a good career, you need to continue to work on your skills on a regular basis.

Steve Jones

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