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Should He Stay or Should He Go?

By Steve Jones,

This editorial was originally published on Sept 29, 2008. It is being republished as Steve is on vacation.

An interesting question. Read page one of this article and then give me your opinion for this Friday's poll. Would You Fire This Person?

Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Now my first thought on reading the first page was that this is a person that I would fire. I would temper that statement with the fact that I don't know the person and the description doesn't really convey what is happening. I'm sure that I'd have different feelings, though I did feel I've known a few "Erics" in my career.

As I read through more of the article, I thought that I would probably end up following a lot of the advice given in order to fire Eric. I'd document things, I've give him a chance to change and improve. I'd have to spell out specific things that needed to change, though I'd like to think that I wouldn't have gotten into that situation.

I can work around employees that don't know things. That's something you can fix, or try to, and if they can't learn the things, and I can't find you a job that matches your salary, then you have to go. However the team fit is a big deal and not having a good team means that I think Eric has to go.

In any case, place your vote in the discussion before reading beyond page 1 of the article.

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