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Better Security

By Steve Jones,

VISAVISA released some new guidelines for point of sale locations to comply with. I think it's good that they're working on increasing point of sale security with regards to data, especially for someone like me that rarely uses cash for transactions.

But companies have until 2010 to comply, almost three years from now.

That's an eternity in the security world and likely the measures will already be hacked by the time that they're implemented. With that much time to work on software upgrades, it's almost a losing battle.

Instead I'd like to see VISA and other banking companies focus on building an infrastructure, which includes devices and software for their clients, that can be upgraded more quickly. Build programmable devices that check in every hour with the mother ship and validate the code on them. Then allow upgrades and changes to be mandated within months, not years.

I realize that security is a tough business and there needs to be some balance between change and stability, but to require controls in 2 years seems a little long.

Steve Jones

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