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The Fourth of July in 2018

By Steve Jones,

The Fourth of July is a historial marker that represents the beginning of the US as an independent country. It's a celebratory day for those of us living in this country that's not much different from similar holidays in many other countries.

This day often results in a long weekend of outdoor summer enjoyment for many people. This year, that's not the case as it's a Wednesday, right in the middle of the week. I actually like midweek holidays as they break up the work week into two short sections. The downside is that any plans to travel and take advantage of the break require taking holiday time from work. As I'm leaving in a few weeks for my own vacation, this is just a day off to spend with family.

In today's busy world, it's not often that my wife, kids, and I can get together to do something. It seems that most weeks one of us has some plans in place on any given day, so it can be difficult to schedule meals, let alone other activities. We did make an effort to go hiking on Memorial Day, which was enjoyable. For this holiday, we're going up to the mountains for more hiking, and hopefully less heat.

We all get busy with life and work, especially in today's far too connected world. It's important to make some time for life and family, hobbies, faith, and other important parts of life. Whether today is a holiday for you or not, ensure that you take advantage of those breaks from work to remember why you spend all week in front of a computer.

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the US.

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