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Not Useless Features

By Steve Jones,

Some time ago I noticed Adam Machanic had written a post titled The SQL Hall of Shame. In it, Adam notes there are features that Microsoft will introduce in SQL Server and then let die. These are the useless features that aren't widely used, or even useful for many projects. You can read his list, and agree or disagree.

I think there certainly are some features that were silly experiments and I wish they had been introduced as experimental, or beta, features early, allowing users to give feedback on whether they're useful and where they need refinement. I certainly think too many resources were initially wasted on items like MDW and Query Notifications, and far too little investment later. These days I think we'll see more early releases of items in Azure where users can experiment and provide feedback to help Microsoft decide if more investment is needed. At least, that's my hope.

Today I'm wondering if you think there are features in SQL Server that do need more attention. Those features you use, but appear forgotten and you'd hope they are improved in the next version.

For me, I certainly wish replication would get more attention, tooling, and resilience. I'm not sure if this needs an overhaul, like SQL Server 2005 was, or there just needs to be some reworking of the code, but in today's distributed world, we need a more reliable way to hook up portions of databases and move data around. Not ETL, not Availabilty Groups, a better replication architecture and implementation.

There might be other features you use or want, but let me know today. What's a not useless feature that you want improved.

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