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July 4, 2014

By Steve Jones,

It's a summer Friday, at least in the US and the northern part of the planet. It's also a holiday in the US, and I hope my fellow citizens remember the significance of today and read one of our founding documents.

I'm away on sabbatical, and I'm assuming that things are going great. I'm actually writing this in advance and scheduling it, but I'll likely be working just as hard, trying to improve myself in a few ways. I don't have the exact plans, but perhaps I'm working on a project, volunteering, in school, something else, or all of the above.

In any case, this is a slow day in the US, and at SQLServerCentral as we repeat a number of previously published articles. We re-use this content because we've found ove the years that people are busy. They're busy with their careers, and busy in their lives, and many of them miss any number of newsletters and pieces we've released. Re-running them allows people to see something they might have missed, or perhaps review a popular piece they have forgotten about.

I'd encourage you today, if you are working, to take a few minutes and browse one of the articles, perhaps trying to follow along in the code or even solve the problem without looking at how the author does. Brush up on some skills and be better prepared for some future assignment.

Have a great day.

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