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By joy-550396,


The function wull convert html reserved words to their corresponding character like '&lt;' to '<' or '&auml;' to 'ä'. The '&nbsp;' is mapped to a carriadge return in stead of a nonbreaking space, as it turned out more convenient in my case.


How to use


select dbo.iv_converthtml ('Hallo,&nbsp;k&ouml;nnt Ihr die User bitte anlegen')


Hallo, könnt Ihr die User bitte anlegen



if object_id ('dbo.iv_converthtml') is not null
drop function dbo.iv_converthtml
create function dbo.iv_converthtml
(@htmltext varchar(max))
returns varchar(max)
@charvalue varchar(25) --collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
,@charcode varchar(25) --collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
,@text varchar(max)
@htmltable table
(charvalue varchar(25) collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS --case sensitive
, charcode varchar(25) collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS

insert @htmltable values(char(10), '&nbsp;')
insert @htmltable values('"', '&quot;')
insert @htmltable values('''','&apos;')
insert @htmltable values('&', '&amp;')
insert @htmltable values('<', '&lt;')
insert @htmltable values('>', '&gt;')
insert @htmltable values('À', '&Agrave;')
insert @htmltable values('Á', '&Aacute;')
insert @htmltable values('Â', '&Acirc;')
insert @htmltable values('Ã', '&Atilde;')
insert @htmltable values('Ä', '&Auml;')
insert @htmltable values('Å', '&Aring;')
insert @htmltable values('Æ', '&AElig;')
insert @htmltable values('Ç', '&Ccedil;')
insert @htmltable values('È', '&Egrave;')
insert @htmltable values('É', '&Eacute;')
insert @htmltable values('Ê', '&Ecirc;')
insert @htmltable values('Ë', '&Euml;')
insert @htmltable values('Ì', '&Igrave;')
insert @htmltable values('Í', '&Iacute;')
insert @htmltable values('Î', '&Icirc;')
insert @htmltable values('Ï', '&Iuml;')
insert @htmltable values('Ð', '&ETH;')
insert @htmltable values('Ñ', '&Ntilde;')
insert @htmltable values('Ò', '&Ograve;')
insert @htmltable values('Ó', '&Oacute;')
insert @htmltable values('Ô', '&Ocirc;')
insert @htmltable values('Õ', '&Otilde;')
insert @htmltable values('Ö', '&Ouml;')
insert @htmltable values('Ø', '&Oslash;')
insert @htmltable values('Ù', '&Ugrave;')
insert @htmltable values('Ú', '&Uacute;')
insert @htmltable values('Û', '&Ucirc;')
insert @htmltable values('Ü', '&Uuml;')
insert @htmltable values('Ý', '&Yacute;')
insert @htmltable values('Þ', '&THORN;')
insert @htmltable values('ß', '&szlig;')
insert @htmltable values('à', '&agrave;')
insert @htmltable values('á', '&aacute;')
insert @htmltable values('â', '&acirc;')
insert @htmltable values('ã', '&atilde;')
insert @htmltable values('ä', '&auml;')
insert @htmltable values('å', '&aring;')
insert @htmltable values('æ', '&aelig;')
insert @htmltable values('ç', '&ccedil;')
insert @htmltable values('è', '&egrave;')
insert @htmltable values('é', '&eacute;')
insert @htmltable values('ê', '&ecirc;')
insert @htmltable values('ë', '&euml;')
insert @htmltable values('ì', '&igrave;')
insert @htmltable values('í', '&iacute;')
insert @htmltable values('î', '&icirc;')
insert @htmltable values('ï', '&iuml;')
insert @htmltable values('ð', '&eth;')
insert @htmltable values('ñ', '&ntilde;')
insert @htmltable values('ò', '&ograve;')
insert @htmltable values('ó', '&oacute;')
insert @htmltable values('ô', '&ocirc;')
insert @htmltable values('õ', '&otilde;')
insert @htmltable values('ö', '&ouml;')
insert @htmltable values('ø', '&oslash;')
insert @htmltable values('ù', '&ugrave;')
insert @htmltable values('ú', '&uacute;')
insert @htmltable values('û', '&ucirc;')
insert @htmltable values('ü', '&uuml;')
insert @htmltable values('ý', '&yacute;')
insert @htmltable values('þ', '&thorn;')
insert @htmltable values('ÿ', '&yuml;')

set @text = @htmltext
while (select count(*) from @htmltable) > 0
select top 1 @charvalue = charvalue, @charcode = charcode
from @htmltable

set @text = replace (@text collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS, @charcode, @charvalue)

delete @htmltable
where charcode = @charcode

return @text
grant execute on dbo.iv_converthtml to public


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