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Stored Procedure Call Hierarchy

By cneuhold,

Easily extractss the complete stored procedure call hierarchy from "sysdepends" table of SQL Server and represent it in a pseudo-graphical tree-view.

The script uses a temporary table (automatically created/dropped) to hold children and parents of relationships. For representing the call hierarchy the table contains a level field (depth) and a field containing the "enumerated path" (using the procedure's id) denoting the hierarchical position of the respective child procedure (similar to chapter-numbering in a book).

First of all the script inserts all top-level procedures into the table, then all parent-child relations (both extracted from "sysdepends" table). A loop calculates the "enumerated path". It uses as many iterations as necessary to process all relationships in the table.

If there are cyclic dependencies the script will also detect that (number of dependencies that cannot be calculated does not change between two iterations). The two select statements at the end output the result.

Script has been successfully tested in larger environments (2K stored procedures) showing quite fine performance. Analysis capabilities are powerful (eg. selecting subtrees is not an issue, give it a try).

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