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Use of regular expressions in TSQL -- version 2

By Bert De Haes,

This script creates 2 new system functions ****************************************** NEW: 1. functions will be case sensitive if database is 2. Replace all or only first occurence ****************************************** fn__regexp_test(@String,@Pattern) returns int execute the method test(@String) on the regular expressions @Pattern returns : 0 : no match 1 : match null : one of the parameters was null anything else : error from sp_OA procedure fn__regexp_replace(String,@Pattern,@Replace,@Global) returns varchar execute the method Replace(@String,@Replace) on the regular expressions @Pattern Global = 1 ( Default ) replaces all occurences, Global = 0 only the first occurance returns : null on failure of an sp_OA procedure null if one of the paremeters is null the result of the replace

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