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Convert Interger to Binary String for Bit Masks

By rrinchuse,

The three functions here can be used to store Bit Masks as Integers.

These are functions to convert an integer into a binary string.
This can be useful if you store Bit Masks in your database as integers.

For example .. '00000000000011111001001001110011' to 1020531
Each Bit could represent an ON or OFF value. One integer column
could be equivalent to having 32 individual bit columns in your table.

There are three functions:

fn_GetBitString .. converts an integer to a bit string of a given size up to 32bit
fn_GetIntFromBitString .. converts a bit string to an integer
fn_GetBit .. get a specific bit value by bit location of an integer

Here are some example calls ..

DECLARE @I1 int, @I2 int

SELECT @I1 = dbo.fn_GetIntFromBitString('0101')
SELECT @I2 = dbo.fn_GetIntFromBitString('1001')

--Show Each Bit one at a time of the first integer
PRINT Cast(dbo.fn_GetBit(@I1,4) as char(1))
+Cast(dbo.fn_GetBit(@I1,3) as char(1))
+Cast(dbo.fn_GetBit(@I1,2) as char(1))
+Cast(dbo.fn_GetBit(@I1,1) as char(1))

--Do some Bitwise operations
PRINT dbo.fn_GetBitString( @I1 & @I2 ,4) --Bitwise AND
PRINT dbo.fn_GetBitString( @I1 | @I2 ,4) --Bitwise OR
PRINT dbo.fn_GetBitString( @I1 ^ @I2 ,4) --Bitwise XOR

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