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Log DISK IO statistics per Database file!!!

By well0549,

Well, ever wanted to know what was happening on disk....

You could with FN_vitrualfilestats....

Here is a NICE SPROC that samples all databases and puts it in a table. You can choose if you want to Retain values in the table or that it must be cleaned every time the sproc runs.

( Put this data in a VBForm and you have a nice DISK
  activity monitor )

Well calling the SPROC like this : LOG_FILESTATS 0
Causes the SPROC to gather more and more date.
Every time you run the sproc the data will be inserted into the table.... ( Nice for analyzing data later..... )

Calling the SPROC like this : LOG_FILESTATS
Truncates the table so you wil get only one sample.
Combine this with A timer + GRID on a  VB form and
you have a nice activity monitor

This is a revisited version, int has been replaced with bigint. Not every server is rebooted every night.....

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