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Upload Backup Files to Amazon S3

By Alex Marsh,

This script queries msdb for the latest backup file for each user database, of the type specified by the @backupType parameter , and then pushes the file to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 bucket using an embedded PowerShell statement.

Before use the @AWS... variables need to be set with the correct keys, region and bucket name. The AWS PowerShell tools also need to be installed on the server, available from http://aws.amazon.com/powershell/, and xp_cmdshell must be enabled.

The procedure is created with the WITH ENCRYPTION option to protect the access key and secret key.

The script can be easily extended to also cater for differential backups and copying the system database backups as well, and the @AWS... variables could also be parameterised as an option (things that weren't necessary for our scenario).

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