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Be Extra Careful When Packing

Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten myself down to two small, carry-on bags for most of my trips. It has allowed me to save time in and out of the airport, and cut down on a lot of hassles from frequent trips (I flew on 18 round trips last year).

One of the ways I’ve done this is with a couple dedicated bag: one for clothes/shoes and one for the laptop and supplies. I don’t ever really unpack them, and I just move clothes in and out when I go. That always has me a little nervous as I am counting on things to be in the bags, but it’s worked for a dozen trips lately because I keep spares of all my supplies in the bags, replacing them as needed, but not using them for other purposes.

However that can come back to bite you. I did have a trip last year where I left my presentation remote at home since I’d been using it to practice and hadn’t put it back in my bag before I left. Fortunately that’s a minor inconvenience and not a major hassle.

I leave for the UK on Saturday for my annual visit to the Red Gate office in Cambridge, and I need to pack for a week. I’m hoping to slip in enough clothes to go with just my two bags, but we’ll see. I’ll also use this chance to double check I have everything packed I need since replacing stuff in another country is less than exciting to me.

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