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My Schedule for the PASS Summit 2009

For the most part, I have an easy schedule. I’ll be in the 600 hallway most morning after the keynote on one of the couches. Likely I’ll have a few friends nearby.

While I pop in and out of some sessions, I’m really there to meet people, catch up with friends, and meet a few new ones. So I’ll be in the expo hall on the 400 floor, or near the sessions on 6 most of the week. Look for a hat, an SSC shirt or jacket, and maybe a kilt one day :)

Or look for this laptop:

I’ll likely have it up somewhere on my lap or on a table. If I’m busy writing, I might let you know, but feel free to come say hi. It’s a networking event and I’ll be looking for a closed room if I need to actually get work done.

I’ll also try to do a couple podcasts from the expo floor, or maybe the 6th floor hallway. Feel free to slip into the background and wave or raise some bunny ears behind me. It’s all in fun.


I do have a few commitments. The SQLServerCentral party on Monday night. I’ll be setting that up Monday afternoon and will host it then. In between that I’ll be in the networking seminar from 4:30-6:30.


I have a morning meeting with my boss, and I’ll be blogging at the keynote, but after that I’ll be in and around the 6th floor for most of the day. There are a few sessions that I might slip into, mostly to see some friends speak, but that will depend on how many people might want to network or chat for a few minutes.

The sessions on Super Bowl load from Michelle Ufford and time zone one look interesting to me. As does the social networking one. I might stop in to see Jacob’s XML session just to say hi.

I’ll be at the Tues night reception for sure, so look for me there.


Another open day for me after keynote coverage. I do have an MVP lunch to attend. Otherwise, I’ll be around.

SSIS and the modern financial institution is interesting. I’m curious since I see SQL Server knocked so often as unable to handle those workloads. Ross’ HA infrastructure, and the SQL CAT panels are possibilities.


It feels strange for the Summit to end on a Thursday. After  the keynote, I’ll try to see any people I’ve missed before the Friends of Red Gate dinner at night.


I’m heading out of town. With my colleagues from Red Gate in town, we’ll spend a couple days outside of Seattle talking shop.

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Posted by Pinal Dave on 28 October 2009

I will be attending Jacob's session too!

I am there to learn and support excellent session.

Posted by Tim Mitchell on 28 October 2009

A podcast from the floor is a good idea.  Be sure to wear the kilt on podcast day :)

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