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Looking for Good (and Bad) SQL Server Blogs

I was asked to do an hour presentation during the 24 Hours of PASS, which takes place on Sept 2, 2009. It will feature 24 presentations, each taking about 45 minutes with 15 minutes of Q&A. Where is it? That's the great part, it's a Livemeeting series of meetings that will run consecutively, using experts from all around the globe, allowing you to see some training at anytime during that day.

It's a great series of experts, kicking off with database design from Paul Nielsen and Louis Davidson, and continuing through Jessica Moss at 11:00pm. All times are GMT, so you'll have to figure out when something happens in your time zone. I'm #17 with Building a Better Blog at 16:000GMT or 11:00am for me. I'm taking some pieces out of my Modern Resume presentation and looking specifically about how you can make your blog better.

In line with that, I'm looking at various blogs around the Internet. I see hundreds a week, but I don't see them all. So I'd love to get some recommendations for what you think are good or bad blogs. What reads well, what doesn't? What's a good post, or what turned you off?

Drop me a comment or an email (sjones at this domain) and I'll check it out. No guarentees that I'll use it, but I'll check it out. If I do use a blog, I'll be sure that I send that specific feedback to the author as well.

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Posted by Jason Crider on 4 August 2009

I'll throw in a plug for a link I found that got me going on this topic.

Jason Massie posted about blog readership numbers (statisticsio.com/.../SQL-Blog-Readership-Numbers.aspx) and I followed up with a post on bringing into Outlook(jasoncrider.com/.../sql-server-rss-feeds) if you needed to. I believe that google will take in that same sort of file to save the grunt work.

Posted by Jason Crider on 4 August 2009

Also, Brent Ozar posted a link a few days back to a video from Tim Ferriss that I still need to watch.


Posted by Steve Jones on 4 August 2009

thanks for those. I'll add them to my list to review.

Posted by Alex Rosa on 4 August 2009

Building a Better Blog...

great topic to talk about it.

Nowadays, there are a lot of blogs talking about topics that we can find out in Books Online.

In my opinion a good blog should talk about real cases, for example: how someone solved a performance problem.

Posted by Noman Tariq on 4 August 2009

Dear Mr. Steve Jones,

I agree with Mr. Alex, you should talk on real world cases. Replication and distributed DBs with a good optimized design with cost effective way, could be a constructive topic along with the support of millions of users.

Actually i also want to see your professional and skilled approaches and views on it :)

All the best.

Posted by Scott Jacobson on 5 August 2009

Alex nailed it perfectly.  The best content is one in which  someone's real world experience is shared.  If you're blogging about a topic that is covered by the (very fine) BOL there is just isn't any real meat to it.

Posted by Steve Jones on 6 August 2009

I tend to agree, and we've tried to get authors over the years to talk about real world issues. Not just going over BOL.

However when something becomes real world, it can be hard to boil it down to a short blog post. I need to write something to help with that.

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