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Redoing Work

I hate redoing work. I really try to make sure that I pay attention to what I'm doing, slow down a touch, and get things done right the first time. It really doesn't take more time to get it done right the first time, at least not usually.

I kind of forgot my own advice yesterday. I am headnig to the PASS Summit next week and was trying to be sure that I got enough work done before I left. With podcasting that means I need to shoot and edit a bunch before I leave since I don't have a lot of time when traveling. I got setup, but forgot to check the microphone for working. Actually I checked, and I had sound, but I didn't listen closely enough. The microphone wasn't plugged in so I was getting sound through the built-in microphone.

And so I went on and shot 6 podcasts for the next few weeks, planning on editing them and shooting 4-5 more on Thursday.

I was in a hurry with karate for my son at 6 and trying to leave early to run an errand.So I got things done, copied the files over to my laptop, which isn't quick, but not nearly in real time, so it's not horrible and started editing. Immediately I could hear all kinds of furnace noises and debated about whether I could live with it. Throwing away 5 podcasts wasn't something I wanted to do. My temptation was to deal with the one and reshoot the 5, but as I listened to my voice bouncing off the teleprompter and banging on the "s" sounds, I decided I couldn't do it. I reshot one, then another, but had too many interruptions, so I quit.

Redoing work is a waste, and I should have checked closer. I've learned a bit of a lesson that will hopefully take for a long time. 

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