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The September Energy Update - Why Did I Write This?

Why did I write this? I got challenged by Andy Warren to write a bit about why I wrote something. I complained to him that he has some "mechanical" posts on this blog that just mention he wrote something with some questions, and don't really blog about why he wrote something. He challenged me to write about why I wrote something, so here I am.

I try to collect links as the months go by for the Energy and Car updates and I've gotten a touch lazy on the car side. Quite a few people send me energy news now, so I've been slacking and when I went to write last week I found I only had 3-4 links.  However it had been an interesting Prius month, some maintenance and excitement, including a mileage contest, so I decidede to make it mostly a Prius update and advice month.

This didn't make it in, but we had a tank of gas in late Aug, when Tia was out of town for a week, where I got up to 520 mi with the kids and we might have had 20 more miles in there, but we were getting ready to head home, so we filled up. That was with 9.7gal, and only 52mpg! So we filled up and I was careful the next week, getting to almost 400 miles at 55mpg before I left for Boston.

While I was in Boston, Tia called to say she'd filled up at 520miles. I thought we could get more, but she's less interested in the hassle than I am. However my notes and coments about driving and how we're doing has affected her enough to make a special call to me and let me know.

I still haven't gotten above 530 miles on a tankful, using between 9.2 and 9.8 gal, but it's been doing well. Looking back over the updates and how the Prius has performed, it's seemingly been a great choice for us.

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