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I am actually stunned. I knew that more bandwidth makes a difference, but having way more bandwidth is truly amazing.

My daily upload routine, which actually ends up being anywhere from twice to 5 times a week for video, is to start uploading one video while I render another one. This way I have time, about 15-20 minutes, while one video uploads to get the second one rendered. Depending on what's happening at the ranch network, things usually go smoothly without me waiting too long. However there are times I log onto the MSN Zone to play a quick game of backgammon while waiting for things to finish.

With my trip to Seattle for the MVP Summit, I was a litle concerned about upload bandwidth as I've had issues in various places. I expected downtown Seattel hotels would be pretty good, but I was still nervous. I'd uploaded a couple future videos, but I had planned on shooting some off the webcam in my laptop while I was there and uploading those each day.

Today I came over to the Microsoft campus for the day and got on the guest wireless network. I processed and edited a video near the end of the day, entered the various data I needed a Podshow, clicked upload, then went to get things ready on the site so I could copy and paste the URL in when it finished. I hadn't finished with the metadata when the sound started and I clicked back to the Podshow tab to find my MP3 uploaded. It was less than a minute for a 5MB file to upload, which was amazing. I wondered about the 30MB video file, but it went in a couple minutes as well, way faster than I could process them.

 I'm sorry I only had three videos on the laptop to upload. Could have saved a bunch of time if I'd done more before I came.

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