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A Lower Level of Noise

I finally got set up to access the MVP newsgroup server today while I was working on some other projects. There are tons of projects in a newsgroup/Usenet type format, mostly for every technology for which there is an MVP. I subscribed to the SQL Server one as well as a few of the general non-product specific ones.

 A few people had recommended I get set up and told me not to be intimidated. After all, these are some of the smartest people working with SQL Server. Itzak Ben-Gan, Kalen, and more all post in there. I noticed a few of the other new MVPs introducing themselves and getting lots of congratulations, so I did the same. MVP #4 for me, the fourth person to do so this year. I checked again tonight and got a bunch from MVPs around the world, kind of neat for a Sunday. I also posted a question and got a couple answers, related to SQL Server.

 As I flipped through the messages that were out there, I noticed a few things. First the messages are fairly complex, with no easy questions or simple fixes given. Mostly these are hard, complex issues, often bugs, that the people that are really good at working with SQL Server can't figure out. The other thing is that there's a low noise level. People are friendly, polite, even joking with each other, but they're really looking to help others. I was especially interested in the MVP author group. Some interesting questions in there.

I'm not sure how much I'll contribute back to the groups, but I do look forward to a few debates and meeting fellow MVPs in April.     

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