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Quismo F40

My new laptop showed up today at my desk. Actually it probably showed up yesterday, but since I never went out the front door, I didn't realize it. My daughter brought it in, thankfully not dropping it anywhere, and wanted to help me open it. We did, and she got a kick out of opening everything, the box, the instructions, and more, asking me what she had to put back into the box and what she could have. Fortunately there was enough junk she could have some stuff that she wanted to play with. Somehow one of the cardboard dividers ended up wrapped for Mom. Not sure if anything else ended up there.

I charged it up before running some errands and I'd just started it up and went through the inital Vista setup, connected to the network, etc. I have Vista Home Premium on it, but it needs to be rebuilt ASAP to run either Vista Ultimate or XP. I have a Technet subscription, so I can get either one, and I'm leaning towards XP. So many people have talked about issues with Vista, runs slower, eats resources, etc. Since this will be a video machine, I'm leaning towards a slightly leaner XP.

 I have to say it's a nice laptop. It has a black cover and white interior, built in webcam, which looks ok. Not the best light up here in bed as I'm messing with Vista, trying to decide what to do. I've downloaded some drivers for XP from Toshiba and I'll probably make a decision tonight or tomorrow and go with it. Unless I can come up with a compelling reason to stick with Vista, I'm moving back to XP. I'd rather have less system resources being used. The laptop has harmon/kardon speakers, including a built in subwoofer in the bottom, nice blue LED lighting, a fingerprint reader, and a Windows Media Center control, a four way joystick/enter button, that can be used like the one on a remote.

I'll plug in a DVD and see how it sounds soon. It's got HD-DVD and a DVD writer built it, so I need to get an HD-DVD from blockbuster and then plus in an HDMI cable to see how it looks.

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