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Deleting Duplicates without a unique key

The following was sent to me by my friend and colleague Dave Miller:

Dave's Email:

Wanted to pass along something I hadn't used before and found useful to easily get rid of duplicates in a set of data. The functionality has existed in the SQL language and was supported in SQL Server 2005. This uses Common Table Expressions (CTE) and the ROW_NUMBER() function.

The PARTITION BY portion of the statment specifies when to reset the row number, in my example I had:

  PersonId     Type     PNumber    
A 1 123  
A 1 345  
B 1 123 ***DELETE 
A 2 123  
B 1 123  
B 1 123 ***DELETE 
A 2 123 ***DELETE 
B 1 1234  

The following query will remove the duplicates:

WITH PersonPhones AS (
    SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY PersonId, PhonetypeId, PhoneNumber ORDER BY PersonId, PhonetypeId, PhoneNumber) AS GroupIndex,
    FROM Person.Phone pp
DELETE FROM PersonPhones WHERE GroupIndex > 1

The CTE would create a table with the following data, where anything that is a duplicate has a GroupIndexId > 1

  GroupIndex     PersonId     Type     PNumber    
1 A 1 123  
1 A 1 345  
1 A 2 123  
2 A 2 123 ***DELETE 
1 B 1 123  
2 B 1 123 ***DELETE 
3 B 1 123 ***DELETE 
1 B 1 1234  

This method could be used to get the nth item of a group also.


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