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Presenting Tips

Having done a number of presentations, I have accumulated a list of items to go over before each presentation to make sure I am full prepared:

  • Bring my laptop that has my PowerPoint presentation, mouse, powercord
  • Bring a microphone to record the session or if it will be webcast.  A cheap solution is Logitech Labtec Desktop Microphone 600.  A better, but more expensive solution is the Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone
  • Bring a page-up clicker such as RF Wireless Laser Pointer with Page up Down PowerPoint Presentation Function (Black).  Saves having to press a key on your laptop to advance the slides, especially when your laptop if not close to where you are standing to present
  • Bring a USB memory stick that has a backup of my PowerPoint presentation.  Just in case your laptop fails and you have to borrow another laptop
  • Install ZoomIt on my laptop.  So you can zoom in during a demo for those in the back of the room
  • Print notes pages with slide thumbnails.  In the very unlikely scenario you have no power or no functioning laptop
  • Bring an air card if you need internet access in case the location does not have working WiFi
  • Turn off the power/screen saver on your laptop so your presentation is not interrupted
  • Use white background/black text on your slides
  • Wear a watch or display a clock on your laptop (or use the clock/timer in Presenter View) to keep track if you are going to fast or slow
  • In PowerPoint, turn off auto advance of slide (see Set Time Duration For Moving To Next Slide [PowerPoint 2010])
  • In PowerPoint, make sure to review: On the Slide Show tab, in the Monitors group, ensure that the monitor on which you want the audience to see your presentation, appears in the Show On list
  • Make sure to review how to view PowerPoint notes while in Slide Show mode: View your speaker notes privately, while delivering a presentation on multiple monitors.
  • You may want to make a few setting changes on your laptop to improve recording: Go to Sound -> Recording -> Properties -> Levels -> FrontMic (100) and Microphone Boost (+20).  Also check the boxes for Noise Suppression and Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Bring business cards

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