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Spare Yourself Installation Issues by Downloading the Latest SQL 2008 ISO Image

Recently, we began the install of a new instance on a VMware Host and ran into an issue with a problematic outdated ISO file. Therefore, those of you embarking on new SQL 2008 installs, please avoid a potential headache, as personally exposed to (and like these guys lived through also), by simply downloading the latest ISO media/image. The following is simply an anecdote of frustration.

Our headaches began upon mounting the [outdated] SQL 2008 ISO on a Windows Server 2008 host.  Once we selected the CD/DVD drive, the pop-up/dialogue box error occurs after invoking the Setup.exe:

Microsoft .Net framework 3.5 install has failed

SQL Server 2008 setup requires .Net framework 3.5 to be installed 



I proceeded to verify directly under programs and features what version of .Net Framework was installed - sure enough 3.5, and even SP1 was the current level installed, therefore I tried a couple of more things (not knowing that simply downloading the new media was the solution):  repaired the 3.5 SP1 installation, then removed it after seeing the same error above upon invoking Setup.exe...  I even went as far as grabbing the non SP1 Dot Net Framework via download to see if that would enable the install to proceed; it didn't make a difference.

You can use this Dot Net Framework Verifier if you are in doubt as to whether your .Net version is okay.


Posted by Oran Levin on 23 September 2009

I have been having the same problems on a Windows Server 2003 host. I went on MSDN to look for the latest ISO images and they are all from August 2008. I downloaded the standard edition but I still received the same error.

Are there any other later ISO files for SQL Server?

Do you have any other things to try?

The strangest part is that we have already successfully installed SQL server 2008 using the same DVD's on Win 2k3 Host (Using the same base VM image) before. I don't know why it all of sudden stopped working!?



Posted by Oran Levin on 23 September 2009

Ok, we figured it out. The CD drive was setup in VMWare to use "Atapi Emulation." We changed it to "Access Drive Directly" and it works fine.

I wish I would have tried that a few days ago. :)


Posted by Hugo Shebbeare on 26 September 2009

Sweet Oran, sorry, I only just caught up with comments now, thank you very much for sharing & your solution too :)

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