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MVP Program

There is one thing that have been bothering me for quite some time. I thought I would blog about it. (And make some enemies in the process :-))

The thing that bothers me is the working of the MVP Program or the lack of it. I have noticed at least three people at SSC worth the MVP status. One of them has the patience like I have never seen before when trying to help a poster with a question(Lynn Pettis). The other writes articles, helps posters and is also very active in the PASS organization(Jason Brimhall) and the third one has the best technical blog I have ever read (Paul White from New Zealand). Anyone who reads blogs would know immediately why I think he has the best technical blog. What more should these people do to get the nod from the MVP program?

You all would say “If you think they are that good, nominate them”. Oh Yes, been there, done that. I got their automated response that the details have been forwarded to their respective zone. That was a very long time ago. Still none of these three have heard anything from them.I know that for each area, there is a only limited number of MVPs, but I still think that these three deserve the MVP Status. It will motivate them to do better.

The only thing I can think about why at least one them hasn’t got the nod could be because they were nominated by me. Who am I? I am not one of those famous people in the SQL Server world. I am not an MVP. I am just a nobody who thinks that these three people are worth the MVP status. Seems like it has become “whom you know and not what you know” to become a MVP. If that is the case, then the Microsoft MVP program is a big failure.


Posted by Fabiano Neves Amorim on 27 December 2010

I totally agree that they deserve the MVP award.

Paul White is one of the most brilliant bloggers I ever read. His posts and help to the community are amazing.


Fabiano Amorim

Posted by Steve Jones on 27 December 2010

There are some delays at times from when you nominate to when they are reviewed. I was nominated years ago, and it was like 6 months before they got me in the review cycle. I think there are lots of people being recommended and few resources to research them.

I do think it helps to have an MVP nominate them (more weight given), and I'll add Paul to my list.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 27 December 2010

Thanks Steve. I hope it helps. For the whole of New Zealand, there is only one MVP. I think they can afford to have one more.

But Lynn and Jason has a big competition I guess.

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 27 December 2010

Thanks Roy.  It is quite an honor to have people think you are deserving of an award for this or that.  I really feel that there are better people out there for it.  Certainly Lynn and Paul are more deserving than I.

Posted by Dukagjin Maloku on 28 December 2010

I agree totally with Roy!

From here I vote for all of them, really they deserve!

Posted by Lynn Pettis on 28 December 2010

I have to agree with Jason.  To be nominated is a great honor in and of itself.  It tells us that we have earned the respect of our peers (or at least one of them), which makes me feel quite humble and proud at the same time.

So I add my thanks to you also Roy.

Posted by Rob Farley on 28 December 2010

Getting past the mark for MVP status is very tricky. There are many people I've nominated who haven't been awarded. Sometimes it's just a matter of time, but often it's down to a number of factors.

For Paul and Jason, I'd think it should be relatively straightforward, but a lot of it comes down to what else they're doing.

My blog posts are nothing like as good as Paul's (heck, whose are?), but when I first got awarded, I was presenting regularly, I was running a growing user-group, I was blogging, I was answering questions on a variety of forums, and had to have been doing that for well over a year to get considered at all... Paul obviously does some of that, but when you look at the number of other people who are also doing that, it can be tough for the MVP crowd to choose who gets in and who misses out.

I'm sure it's only a matter of time. I'm also sure that other 'obvious candidates' such as Greg Larsen, Aaron Nelson, Jen Stirrup, Matt Whitefield, Jen McCown, and many more will get awarded at some point.

I don't envy the MVP folk, who get inundated with nominations, and have to make these decisions.

Posted by Paul White on 28 December 2010

I don't really have much to add to what Rob said - he sums it all up very nicely.

So, I'll just echo what Lynn and Jason said: it's always nice to be nominated, whether it results in being awarded or not.

Thanks, Roy.

Posted by Rob Farley on 28 December 2010

Agh - sorry Matt... I meant Whitfield, clearly. I think that was one of those times when my fingers get ahead of me.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 29 December 2010

The three of you are good at what you do... Thats why I nominated you. You deserve to be nominated.

I am glad that I could get some good response from everyone. Hopefully something comes out of this and these guys gets the recognition that they deserve.

Posted by Rob Farley on 29 December 2010

I clearly wasn't having the best day yesterday. Lynn is just as worthy. I'd skimmed the article and comments, and missed the mention of her.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 3 January 2011

Rob, Lynn is not a Her... :-) Lynn is a He. :-) You are not the first one to make that mistake.

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