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PASS 2006 Reception

By Press Release,

Everyone asks, so here it is. The source code to use is:

That's what you put in when you register for the PASS 2006 Summit at the bottom of the form. It's what gets you on the list for our reception Tuesday night.

There are some great reasons to go, but I'll give you the top two.

1. The Seahawks are in town the Sunday before< - I'm looking to try and snag tickets and see a game in the beautiful stadium up in Seattle.

2. The SQLServerCentral.com reception is once again happening on Tuesday, this time we're doing the Casino theme again with blackjack, poker, and I think roulette. And lots of prizes.

I know that these aren't the best reasons to give your boss, but these are good reasons for you. After all, how many people are going to give you a chance to win an XBOX 360, an iPod, or who knows what else. Last year we gave away dozens of prizes from Best Buy, most of them randomly during the party to people playing the games or having fun. PASS gives us a referral fee for each of you that registers with the source code and we aim to spend every penny back on the reception. Ask anyone who went and it's been fun the last few years. We're looking to have 40 or 50 prizes, so you have a good chance of winning.

Now what's that source code?


As far as justifying this to your boss? There are bunches of reasons, but look at it this way.

SQL Server 7 support ended in 2005. SQL Server 2000 support is still going, but it will be ending in a couple years. That means you better start looking at 2005. The paradigm has changed, like going from 4.2 to 7.0 and you'll need time to learn the ins and outs, even if you don't upgrade until 2008!

This Summit is in Seattle, literally a few dozen miles from the Microsoft campus, which means Microsoft will send hundreds from the SQL Server development team to the conference. It's unbelievable access to the guys and gals that build this product. You can get insights you won't get anywhere else. Just stop someone from Microsoft and ask them something. You'll get an answer.

I've met literally dozens of team members and they're great people. They are happy to help you, that take pride in their work, and they admit bugs while helping you find workarounds. This is THE SQL Server event. Add in the many MVPs and experts who write articles and blogs you read every day, and this is an event not to be missed.

On top of all that, this is the chance to meet with vendors of third party products to see if they can help you, complain of issues with your purchases, or thank them for making your workweek easier. I hope it's the latter, but they understand if it isn't.

Use the "SSC" source code and we'll have some great gifts including new shirts, a copy of our Best Of book and who knows what else we'll come up with. One last time, what's the source code?


Andy, Brian, and Steve want to thank everyone for their great support and we are really looking forward to seeing you there.

So use that code when you Register today!!!!

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