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Call for Articles

By Press Release, (first published: 2016/08/12)

We're looking for new content at SQLServerCentral, hoping to let you share your experiences and skills at solving problems with other data professionals. Specifically, we've got a list of topics about which we'd like to get some articles written. If you have used any of these items in a production or Proof-of-Concept system, please consider writing and submitting a draft to us.

  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Data Lake - to complement our Stairway to U-SQL
  • The R Language and R Services - We'd especially like to see a data analysis of some dataset done using R.
  • Using the DAX Language to solve a problem or perform a calculation - we'd like specific pieces on one part expression or formula
  • T-SQL date and time problems, using datetimeoffset, AT TIME ZONE, or other challenging issues with date based data.
  • Window aggregate functions using the OVER() clause with a data problem you've solved.
  • Powershell solutions to SQL Server problems or helpful scripts that make your job easier.
  • working with JSON data
  • Use cases for In-Memory OLTP tables
  • Temporal Table queries
  • Table ALTER solutions that limit or prevent downtime for applications.
  • Specific ETL import or export scenarios to meet some goal. Use BCP, SSIS, or any other tool.

You can submit drafts in the Contribution Center. An editor will review the item and get back to you as soon as possible.

Our goal is to get 3-5 page articles that cover each topic and teach the reader a specific concept about the how to use the technology. For these topics, we pay $100 per article and your work will get sent to over 600,000 subscribers to the daily newsletter. That's a great resume bullet to add to your career.

Join our list of hundreds of authors that have had their work published at SQLServerCentral.

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