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SQLCentric Pre Summer Sale!

By Press Release,

Pearl Knowledge Solutions is having a Pre-Summer Sale! From now, through July 15, 2004, we are offering a 15% (fifteen percent) discount on SQLCentric server license kits, which will save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on the cost of monitoring your SQL Servers.

We are providing to you this unique one-time offer, on top of our already discounted license kits! This is on the entire SQLCentric monitoring and alert package. 

In addition, because you are saving on the SQLCentric software, you are inherently lowering the cost of continuing maintenance for another year -  even more savings!

Licenses are per server/per instance (per node for clusters), and are interchangeable.  A license kit includes the SQLCentric core application module, X number of licenses (i.e. 5,10,25,50, etc.), 6-months FREE maintenance which entitles you to technical support, service packs, upgrades, and promotions.

Speaking of upgrades, you will be entitled to the next release of SQLCentric, FREE, at a great savings to you.

So, how can you take advantage of this super, SQLCentric deal?  If you are ready to purchase, contact us at  If you are currently evaluating SQLCentric, simply sign a letter of intent to buy, and you will lock in these low rates.

To get more details about our sale, including prices, please visit our site, and follow directions to click on 'Special Offers' in our download area.

If you need information on additional licenses, please let us know, and we will work with you on pricing.

So, what are you waiting for? Need another incentive?  Ok, as an added bonus, Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc. will also pay for one subscription to SQL Server Standard, the magazine from or SQL Server Magazine.

Remember, our costs are competitively priced lower than that of other web-based software solutions in the SQL Server monitoring space.  Please feel free to check around, and let us know if you find anything lower, that matches us in features and functionality.

Don't let this amazing offer slip through you fingers!  Now is the time to act, the offer ends July 15, 2004.

Thank you for your time and interest in our software.


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