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Improving SQLServerCentral

By Steve Jones,

We have some big changes coming to SQLServerCentral over the next few months. In response to a large number of comments about the performance of the site, we are looking to implement some sweeping changes that will drastically improve performance, and make the site much more interesting.

We send out nearly a million newsletters a day, which places a substantial load on our system. Our hardware upgrade last year improved the performance, but as we continue to grow, we are stressing the hardware. When we add in the global reach of our forums, we have once again begun to noticed a slowdown on the systems.

Fortunately we have a solution. One of the distinguished engineers at Red Gate has a brother that works for Google and they have agreed to help us out. We received a license to implement the BigTable technology at SQLServerCentral and will be moving our primary database systems to this NoSQL storage. This will allow us to scale out effectively with a large number of small, single socket, dual core servers, each of which will handle a portion of our load.

In addition we have decided to also scale out our articles using the cloud. With a combination of the BigTable technology and GoogleDocs, we will be moving all our publications to the cloud, enabling you to get access to our content with the power of the Google network. We will have analytics built in and the OpenID framework will authenticate you with a Google ID.

Of course, this is all a big joke give that today is April Fools day in the US. We like Google's technology, but we *love* SQL Server and have no desire to move off that platform for any other. Now if we could get Resource Governor in our Standard Edition, all would be great.

Enjoy your day and hopefully you liked this editorial.

Steve Jones

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