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If You Had To Pick a Super Hero...

By Andy Warren,

So if you had to pick, what super hero would you be, and why?

I’ve used this question a few times over the year, it’s a great way to get people on a team to talk and in the process learn about their interests and what drives them. Call it a really simple personality test that doesn’t feel invasive. I’ve seen a definitely IT tendency towards Spiderman, but for me…that’s just too much, too geeky! Maybe the strangest answer I ever got back was Wonder Woman, from a man. Turns out he really valued the ability to extract truth, and that’s not so strange at all when you think about it.

So it’s part personality test, but also a connection to the child you used to be (and maybe still are some days). It’s been fun introducing my own children to that make believe world, and reliving it a bit too. I no longer read comic books, but I still go to the movies about them, and maybe it’s good to never outgrow your childhood entirely.

At the end of this I’m going to ask who you would be, so only fair for you to ask who I would be.  From the Marvel world its Captain America. He did get the magic potion, but after that it’s all character that moves him forward, and I do value character.  And for me, patriotism has never gone out of style. In the DC world Batman is surely tempting, surviving on smarts and determination (and technology!), but I’ll go with the Green Lantern, in part because of the daily magic incantation just sounds cool (“in brightest day…”), but because it’s also about character and being trusted to wield great power fairly.

So if you had to pick, what super hero would you be, and why?                                   

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