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Goal Tuesday

By Steve Jones,

For those of you scanning the newsletter or site, you might have noticed that I have a number of blogs listed today that deal with 2010 goals from the bloggers at SQLServerCentral. I decided that with all the work those people have put into setting their own goals I might talk today a little about looking forward.

If you read the goals of Andy Warren, Tim Mitchell, and others, you'll see that most of them talk about growing their professional reputations and brands quite a bit. They all talk about speaking at events or doing some other growth activity that puts them out in front of other professionals. That's great, and it's those attitudes that ensure that the rest of us get great opportunities to learn at a SQL Saturday or the PASS Summit

What about the rest of us? There are lots of people that just want to go on with their career without being in front of people, becoming MVP, or even making a huge time investment. That's fine, nothing wrong with putting other things in life ahead of your career. However I don't think you should neglect your career even if you have no great ambitions. Setting a goal has been shown to provide some level fo motivation, which can help you to move in the direction you want to go.

Years ago I heard an interview from Ted Leonsis, one of the founders of AOL, in which he talked about his list of 101 things. It's an amazing list, and one that rivals John Goddard's. However those are "superstar lists", built around things that most of us non Type-AAA people would even bother with. They can become all consuming and change your perspective, which I don't think is the idea. Instead I'd like you to create a list and then re-examine your list, let it evolve as you evolve, and make it a point to work towards your own happiness.

It's not too late to get started and I'd like to encourage everyone to set a series of professional goals for 2010. They can be small ones, like write an SSRS report for the first time. You might only have one or two, but put them on paper, put them in a place where you will see them regularly, and set reminders in your calendar to keep you motivated.  Even writing them down on a blog, or as a comment to this editorial should help you.

There is a lot of power to setting your goals and then keeping them in mind as you move forward in your life.  Take the time now to think of a few and write them down. Who knows, you might achieve them this year.

Steve Jones

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