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Tampa PowerShell Presentation

presentation material from the Tampa PowerShell User Group 6/21/2011 meeting on PowerShell ETL is available here:  


PowerShell Basics

My definition of what PowerShell is: Command Prompt after a few cups ... here to get an idea of how to start the PowerShell console. Windows 7 and Window Server 2008 R2 come with PowerShell already loaded for your exploration. If you ... two things with this article: 1) How is PowerShell useful and 2) What PowerShell can do. I will provide some ...


Powershell Fundamentals

... class with Don Jones (blog | twitter), PowerShell guru and author of PowerShell 2.0 TFM (makes me laugh ... help you pick up on the fundamentals of PowerShell. That’s the most important lesson I ... need the fundamentals to really start to put PowerShell to work. It’s very easy to make ...


Powershell day 2

Day 2 Introduction to Windows Powershell. Windows Powershell is a very powerful shell script to interact with windows. Using windows Powershell you can access everything on windows ... features we can achieve using Powershell: Active directory Exchange … Continue reading ...


Powershell Day 3

Day 3 Programming in Powershell Part 1 Now you got ... some good basic information about Powershell, and some basic commands cmdlets. In this blog ... discuss how to write some basic scripting. Arithmetic expression: all the arithmetic expression ...


Powershell Day 11

Day 11 COM and WMI Powershell is a very powerful language, with Powershell we can achieve same result ...


Dynamic PowerShell

... something new while giving my PowerShell session at the PASS Community Summit a couple ... attendee asked if it was possible to create dynamic PowerShell in a script. Or put another way, can you define a PowerShell statement in a variable and then tell PowerShell to execute the contents of that variable. I’d ... after the session and showed me this little script. Executing Dynamic PowerShell In the script, the $cmd variable is assigned a literal value that is itself a PowerShell statement. You could substitute any valid PowerShell statements in place of Get-Process. The second ...


On PowerShell

I use PowerShell a lot and I write about using ... frequently. The fact that I can extending Powershell by interfacing with the .NET Framework or making a COM ... Windows system. As a result, I consider PowerShell one of my most powerful tools ...


Powershell Goodies

... some of the other blog post, or the Microsoft Powershell Blog, Microsoft recently release Script Browser for Powershell ISE.   This little addin allows you to quickly search and import Powershell scripts directly from TechNet Script Center.    Currently the database section has 577 scripts in the repository, with over 9100 in the total repository ... pretty good chance that someone has a script for what you want to do.  Alternatively ... Alternatively, if you are just getting started with Powershell, this is a great way to review others scripts and learn. Try this, have you ever ...


Learning Powershell

I’ve been attending a Powershell fundamentals class with Don Jones (blog ... fact that I’ve posted a few PowerShell scripts in the past.  So why was I attending ... realized that I had been working with PowerShell and didn’t have a clue how ...