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Tampa PowerShell Presentation

presentation material from the Tampa PowerShell User Group 6/21/2011 meeting on PowerShell ETL is available here:  


PowerShell Basics

My definition of what PowerShell is: Command Prompt after a few cups ... here to get an idea of how to start the PowerShell console. Windows 7 and Window Server 2008 R2 come with PowerShell already loaded for your exploration. If you ... two things with this article: 1) How is PowerShell useful and 2) What PowerShell can do. I will provide some ...


Powershell day 2

Day 2 Introduction to Windows Powershell. Windows Powershell is a very powerful shell script to interact with windows. Using windows Powershell you can access everything on windows ... features we can achieve using Powershell: Active directory Exchange … Continue reading ...


Powershell Fundamentals

... class with Don Jones (blog | twitter), PowerShell guru and author of PowerShell 2.0 TFM (makes me laugh ... help you pick up on the fundamentals of PowerShell. That’s the most important lesson I ... need the fundamentals to really start to put PowerShell to work. It’s very easy to make ...


Powershell Day 11

Day 11 COM and WMI Powershell is a very powerful language, with Powershell we can achieve same result ...


Powershell Day 3

Day 3 Programming in Powershell Part 1 Now you got ... some good basic information about Powershell, and some basic commands cmdlets. In this blog ... discuss how to write some basic scripting. Arithmetic expression: all the arithmetic expression ...


Dynamic PowerShell

... something new while giving my PowerShell session at the PASS Community Summit a couple ... attendee asked if it was possible to create dynamic PowerShell in a script. Or put another way, can you define a PowerShell statement in a variable and then tell PowerShell to execute the contents of that variable. I’d ... after the session and showed me this little script. Executing Dynamic PowerShell In the script, the $cmd variable is assigned a literal value that is itself a PowerShell statement. You could substitute any valid PowerShell statements in place of Get-Process. The second ...


Learning Powershell

I’ve been attending a Powershell fundamentals class with Don Jones (blog ... fact that I’ve posted a few PowerShell scripts in the past.  So why was I attending ... realized that I had been working with PowerShell and didn’t have a clue how ...


Powershell Day 1

Day 1 Introduction to Powershell I got inspired by great people ... blog every day for a month about Powershell, I am learning Powershell, lets see. PowerShell is the new … Continue reading →


Powershell Day 4

Day 4 Programming in Powershell Part 2 Now we got ... try to discuss more about programming in Powershell. Here most of the things will be … Continue reading ...