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Find a string in compiled objects

By David Korb,

This utility will search for strings in procedures, functions, views, and even check constraints in just one database or across all online databases on the server. It uses SQL Server 2005 system views and takes advantage of varchar(max) allowing us to concatenate all of the text (definition)columns for each object into a single, comparable string. This overcomes the problem (in SQL Server 2000) of a given string being split across two adjacent text rows and not being able to join them easily. At the end of the procedure, these concatenated values are used in a "like" comparison with the input string to return all instances in your compiled code. Don't worry about underscore separated words in your search string: underscores are properly escaped and accounted for in the comparison. Execute without parameters for usage. If you feel like tricking it out, you can use the output_print and testing parameters to get feedback during development.


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