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Smart data archiving stored procedure

By Christopher House,

This stored procedure uses a series of input parametes to generate, and optionally execute a series of SQL commands to move production data to an archive table.  The procedure assumes that the production and archive tables will have the same structure. 

The procedure uses the following input parameters:

@SourceTable:  This is the name of the table containing the production data to be archived.

@DestinationTable: This is the name of the archive table where data will be moved to.

@CutOffInterval:  This is the number of days/weeks/years to keep in the production table.

@CutOffType:  This defines what the value of @CutOffInterval represents, days/weeks/years.  Must be a valid datepart argument for the DATEADD function.

@DateColumnName:  This is the name of a datetime column in the source table that is used to determine which records to archive.

@PrintOnly:  Indicates whether to only print the generated SQL command (1) or to execute it as well (0).  Note that the default value is 1, print only.

This procedure has been tested on SQL 2000.  I'm guessing it would work on SQL 2005 but I don't have the environment to test it.  Also assumes that the source and destination tables are in the same database as the stored procedure.  See comments in the procedure and the script header for more information on what's going on.  Hope someone else finds this useful.

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