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Data Driven Subscriptions in SQL RS Standard

By Jason Selburg,

As many of you know, data driven subscriptions is not a feature available with SQL 2000 RS Standard Edition. However, you can accomplish this using the supplied stored procedure. It may not be as pretty as the version in SQL Enterprise, but this one gets the job done, and it is very ……useful!

I have not included error checking and this SP only allows for one parameter. Feel free to modify the code as you see fit. Any suggestions or comments are welcome through this site or email me at HeroTheCat@indy.rr.com

Thank you, and I hope this helps....

1. Create a new subscription for the report that you want to set up a data driven subscription for. You can set the render type and delivery method however you want but you must use the following settings:
To Address: |TO| (pipe + TO + pipe)
Carbon Copy Address: |CC|
Blind Copy Address: |BC|
Reply To Address: |RT|
Comment / Body: |BD|
Parameter 1: |P1|

2. Now set the schedule of the report to run once.

3. Set the beginning date and ending date to a date prior to today to prevent the subscription from running unless you call it.

4. Retrieve the Job name from the SQL RS Database with the query below. Your subscription should be the first in the result set.

SELECT ReportSchedule.ScheduleID, Subscriptions.ModifiedDate
FROM Subscriptions INNER JOIN
ReportSchedule ON Subscriptions.SubscriptionID = ReportSchedule.SubscriptionID
WHERE (Subscriptions.Description LIKE N'%|TO|%')
ORDER BY Subscriptions.ModifiedDate DESC

5. To execute the subscription, simply call the stored procedure passing your values. Only the @scheduleID and @emailTO are required.

EXEC dbo.uspdata_driven_subscriptions
@scheduleID = '',
@emailTO = '',
@emailCC = '',
@emailBCC = '',
@emailReplyTO = '',
@emailBODY = '',
@param1 = ''

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