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Compare the structure & code of 2 databases

By G.R.Prithiviraj Kulasingham,

We often make changes in the test databases. But failure in making even the smallest change in the production database may lead to unwanted situations.

This utility compares 2 databases.
Parameters to be passed  
@DB1  Database 1 (SysName) 
@DB2  Databse 2 (SysName) 
@ShowDifferentOnly see later (Bit) 
Parameters 1, 2 may include server name as  well.
But the server should be either local or linked server.
This Procedure is devided into 2 parts 
Part I Checks the tables and Views (Column Definition, size, default) etc. 
Part II Checks the Code of Views, Stored Procedures and Triggers 
If @ShowDifferentOnly is set to 1 it will show only the lines that are different 
Otherwise all lines of both objects are shown. 
Default for @ShowDifferentOnly is 1 

Tested in SQLServer 2000 Service Pack 1. 

Known Issues:
If Server name or the database name is with space, it should be included with single Quote and not with braces ([]). This procedure is not checking for the braces in the name.

This procedure does not check the data. Only the structure is checked.

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