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4 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner

I was recently called out by Tim Costello on a blog series started by Mike Walsh.  http://www.interworks.com/blogs/tcostello/2014/08/27/4-things-i-wish-i-knew-sooner-bi-consultant

The series calls for each blogger to list 4 things they wish they had known sooner in their career as a data geek.

1) Knowing how to query data != DBA. You will be insulted. There is a tremendous amount to learn and most technologist have no idea how much they don’t know about your field. What I found after becoming a data professional is that in the world of SQL you can take many different paths for your data career such as TSQL developer, DBA, report writer, ETL, BI, BA and more. What you will find is a run of the mill technologist that can write a select statement will also call them self a DBA. Let it go, don’t bother arguing with them.

2) Know Recovery – I was shown how to make sure we have backups early in my new role as a DBA, quickly after that we had 100% turnover (roughly). Soon after that came a time when we had to restore a database to a point in time. That process took much longer than it should have.  Know your backups and know your restore processes. Practice them often.

3) Your Enthusiasm will not become contagious – You might become very enthusiastic about your DBA related career. You may find yourself attending free online training, going to user group meetings, attending SQL Saturdays or any other number of events to boost your career. Others in your work place may simply view their job as a job. Not a career like you. You can encourage them to join you but don’t let their lack of self learning impact you. Also as you become more successful, don’t let their jealousy impact your desire to learn and be the best person you can be.

4) Pace yourself- You will have to learn to balance your work life and home life. This also includes your study time. Work life balance is very important, not only from your employer working you to hard, but also your time with self learning, blogging, reading, etc. Don’t miss out on those special family moments, but also don’t miss out on a few sacrifices to ensure financial stability. It is a balance after all.



Tim Radney - Database Professional

Tim Radney - Database Professional by Tim Radney I am a Sr DBA for a top 40 US bank. I live in the south eastern US. I have been working with database since 1999 but only full time for the past three years.


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