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Change Database Owner

This is post is going to be very simple but it is something I come across ever so often and find myself having to look up the syntax most of the time.  I guess it is one of those things that if you don’t use it often enough you don’t commit it to memory.

So here is my story, I routinely come across database servers that when you go to look at the properties of the database you get that dreadful message about the “Property Owner is not available for Database ‘[db_name]‘.  This property may not exist for this object, or may not be retrievable due to insufficient access rights.”  It is a very simple fix if you can remember the stored procedure to execute.  All you have to do is assign the proper user as DBO.

The bigger question is how did this issue occur in the first place.  For those of you novice DBA’s you may or may not be aware that when you restore a database you become the owner of the database unless you change it.

So how to correct this.  Simple.  EXEC sp_changedbowner ‘SA’  You can substitute another account in place of SA if that is your companies practice.

Tim Radney - Database Professional

Tim Radney - Database Professional by Tim Radney I am a Sr DBA for a top 40 US bank. I live in the south eastern US. I have been working with database since 1999 but only full time for the past three years.


Posted by Jason Brimhall on 28 September 2011

Frequent problem and the best fix is to change it upon restore.  I know some dbas like to make themselves the owner of that database.  I myself prefer to use SA.

Posted by Anonymous on 29 September 2011

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Posted by Rollie D Moe on 4 June 2014

Thank you, worked great !

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