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The Netbook

I like my main laptop.  It’s big and wide and bright, with lots of power and all of the bells and whistles.  Still, it’s inconvenient to carry, it takes a while to boot up all of the software I’m running, and the battery life sucks is less than I’d hoped for.  I’ve been eyeballing a couple of netbooks for a while, to use as a secondary machine for when my big laptop isn’t convenient or practical to bring along.

After spending the past few weeks researching, I’ve finally selected and purchased the Toshiba NB205-N210 from Fry’s Electronics. I chose the Toshiba because of its long battery life (reported to be 9 hours in some cases), memory (1gb included, upgradeable to twice that), and ease of use.  I had been looking at an Acer as well, but when I tried it out, the keyboard and touchpad were both awkward and difficult to use.  The Toshiba, while the same dimensions as the Acer, has a slightly larger keyboard and a more friendly touchpad.

After an hour or so setting it up and uninstalling the included trialware and crapware, I was up and running.  I ran the install for the client tools for SQL Server, and surprisingly I didn’t get any warnings or errors when running the installer.  I may go back and actually install the database engine to see how well it performs.  I’ve noticed a few hiccups every now and again where the mouse seems to hang when switching tasks, but other than that, it’s what I would have expected from a computer the size of a small phone book.  Battery life so far is good – I’ve been off of the A/C charger for almost 2 hours now, and I still show 84% battery remaining.

It’s still early but so far I’m happy with the Toshiba.  I’ll post a follow up in a few weeks and let you know if I’m still satisfied with it.

Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence consultant, author, trainer, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over thirteen years of data management experience. He is the founder and principal of Tyleris Data Solutions.

Tim has spoken at international and local events including the SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQL Connections, along with dozens of tech fests, code camps, and SQL Saturday events. He is coauthor of the book SSIS Design Patterns, and is a contributing author on MVP Deep Dives 2.

You can visit his website and blog at TimMitchell.net or follow him on Twitter at @Tim_Mitchell.


Posted by Steve Jones on 13 July 2009

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing it in Baton Rouge.

Posted by timbw on 19 August 2009

How is the Toshiba Netbook working for you?

Posted by Tim Mitchell on 19 August 2009

Still working out very well.  Follow-up blog post is coming shortly.

Posted by Anonymous on 19 September 2009

The Netbook: Upgrade to Windows 7

Posted by Anonymous on 19 September 2009

I’m more than 2 months into the netbook experience , and I’m happy to report that it’s still a good investment

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