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Vista, Day 5

I broke down and bought my first Vista machine last Sunday, an HP Pavilion from a local box store.  From the outset I was underwhelmed by the performance of this system (a 64 bit system with 4gb of RAM), which should have been screaming but wasn't quite.  My 3 year old Gateway was running circles around this thing.

So after a few hours of removing what can only be described as factory-installed Crapware, this state of the art machine was still dragging.  I pinged my local SQL Server user group to solicit some recommendations which proved to be quite helpful.  I shut down the search indexing feature, ran a full defrag and bought an SD card to enable ReadyBoost, and these changes finally brought my system to an acceptable level of performance.  A few further tweaks and I am finally satisfied that I'm getting my money's worth.

On a positive note, I did not have any issues installing SQL Server 2005 or 2008 on this machine.  I had read of some early problems with SQL 2005 and Vista compatibility, but I did not find any problems.  VirtualPC 2007 runs well after installing machine additions on my new VM - I had been using VMWare for virtualization and was unaccustomed to this step.

So for now, Vista and I are getting along well.  We'll see how it goes.

Tim Mitchell

Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence consultant, author, trainer, and Microsoft Data Platform MVP with over thirteen years of data management experience. He is the founder and principal of Tyleris Data Solutions.

Tim has spoken at international and local events including the SQL PASS Summit, SQLBits, SQL Connections, along with dozens of tech fests, code camps, and SQL Saturday events. He is coauthor of the book SSIS Design Patterns, and is a contributing author on MVP Deep Dives 2.

You can visit his website and blog at TimMitchell.net or follow him on Twitter at @Tim_Mitchell.


Posted by Jack Corbett on 22 November 2008

Doesn't it seem odd to have to add an SD card for ReadyBoost in order to get acceptable performance?

Can you run SQL Server 2005 Express on Vista 64?

Posted by Mr Simons on 25 November 2008

I've always wondered about performance issues with Vista. The system I'm using is blazing fast. In fact it's quicker with Vista than it was with XP Pro SP2, and it only has a gig of memory.

Jack, MS doesn't support SQL Server 2005 Express on 64 bit.

SQL Server 2008 Express is a different story. I'm looking at the MSDN article for Hardware and Software Requirements for SQL Server 2008. Express is listed as supported x64 under Vista.

Posted by Tim Mitchell on 25 November 2008

I've yet to pull down SQL Express 2008, but I'm curious if there is a true 64 bit version?

I am happy to report that things are more tolerable than when I first unboxed this thing.  Turns out that the 200-some-odd services that autostart with Vista are not absolutely necessary.

Posted by neo31337 on 26 November 2008

Oh completely! I ended up disabling quite a few of the services I never have a need for (like the indexer).

Hopefully you'll be opening applications around the same time each day. That should make things much more quick.

Good luck! I'm hoping we can convert another IT pro over to the (apparently) dark side of Vista users.

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